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Author/Artist: 1_rhiannon_1
Team: rein_dears
Title: Dashed Hopes
Challenge: Hot Chocolate, prompt: crackling
Rating & Warnings: G
Summary: It was a beautiful idea. 100 words
Author/Artist's Note: It occurs to me that I just do not write feel-good stuff :( I really gotta work on that!! And before you can ask, yes, that is Jon Bernthal with antlers and a red nose. It's a team thing - don't judge me ;-)
*     *     *     *     *

It was just like David had imagined. The fire in the hearth was roaring and crackling merrily, sending sparks up the chimney, a burst of color and flame. The snow was falling just perfectly outside, so soft and peaceful.

The only crimp in his plan was the other man that had taken David's place, with his arms around the girl of David's dreams, his lips on hers. He gazed through the window for a moment longer before turning to leave, crestfallen. His only consolation was that the gentle snow would soon erase his footprints, wipe out evidence of his visit.
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Author/Artist: 1_rhiannon_1
Title: Serve With Honor
Challenge: Short Challenge
Word Count: 100 per wordcounter.net
Rating & Warnings: G, No warnings
Summary: A soldier bids farewell to his lover as he reports for wartime duty.
Author’s/Artist’s Note: Fanfic, based on Day Zero.
Prompt used:
(Setting) Train station
Optional Challenge: Don't use the word "and" Do you have any idea how hard that is?! I did it though!

Serve With Honor )
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Author/Artist: 1_rhiannon_1
Title: Three Floors Down, Then Out
Challenge: Short Challenge
Rating & Warnings: I’d rate it a solid PG-13. There is a bit of gore but if you’re into the fandom, it’s nothing.
Summary: Shane tries to get out of the hospital and runs into some resistance along the way.
Word Count: 1426 (Sorry! I got a bit out of control on this one!)
Author’s/Artist’s Note: Based on The Walking Dead. This scene was actually shot – it goes with episode 1x06, TS-19 – but was cut from the final product. To my knowledge, this scene has never seen the light of day, which is a shame because it explains a lot. There was a soldier, there were red tags, and the bit with Shane and the soldier shooting the walker did happen. The rest, I just sorta filled in the blanks. Hope you like it. He was trying to be quiet at first – it just didn’t last long *grin* Hope this will satisfy the prompt anyway. Oh, one more thing: This is unbeta’d - any and all errors are mine.
Prompt used: someone is trying to be quiet
*     *     *     *     *
Read more... )
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Author/Artist: 1_rhiannon_1
Title: Bob the Zombie Comes to Dinner
Challenge: Short Challenge
Rating & Warnings: Some bad language.
Summary: Bob the Zombie joins the cast of The Walking Dead for dinner. Jon is less than amused.
Author’s/Artist’s Note: This is most definitely crack!fic and it might very well be complete and utter crap as well. However, the pic amuses me and it amused me to write this - I was desperately in need of a laugh. I hope you all enjoy it too. Translation for zombie!speak in parentheses. Word Count: 478
Prompt used: icon (Pick one of your icons and use it as a prompt

pure silliness behind the jump )

The full picture, cause it is awesomesauce:


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