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Title: Merry Christmas, Carl Grimes
Word Count: 2279
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Summary: Carl's only five, he should still believe in Santa.
Author's Note: It was in my head, so I wrote it. This is unbeta'd - if you see anything that needs to be fixed, let me know! As always, none of the TWD characters belong to me (sadly). I just like to take them out and play with them from time to time. No profit, other than making myself smile. :-)

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Author/Artist: 1_rhiannon_1
Title: It All Comes Back
Challenge: Short Challenge
Rating & Warnings: none
Word Count: 1220
Summary: Memories never want to stay dead and buried.
Author’s/Artist’s Note: The Walking Dead
based. This is unbeta’d and unedited (except for standard spellcheck). Any and all errors are mine.
Prompt used: Full Circle

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Author/Artist: 1_rhiannon_1
Title: Three Floors Down, Then Out
Challenge: Short Challenge
Rating & Warnings: I’d rate it a solid PG-13. There is a bit of gore but if you’re into the fandom, it’s nothing.
Summary: Shane tries to get out of the hospital and runs into some resistance along the way.
Word Count: 1426 (Sorry! I got a bit out of control on this one!)
Author’s/Artist’s Note: Based on The Walking Dead. This scene was actually shot – it goes with episode 1x06, TS-19 – but was cut from the final product. To my knowledge, this scene has never seen the light of day, which is a shame because it explains a lot. There was a soldier, there were red tags, and the bit with Shane and the soldier shooting the walker did happen. The rest, I just sorta filled in the blanks. Hope you like it. He was trying to be quiet at first – it just didn’t last long *grin* Hope this will satisfy the prompt anyway. Oh, one more thing: This is unbeta’d - any and all errors are mine.
Prompt used: someone is trying to be quiet
*     *     *     *     *
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Almost done with Flash Fiction month! Part of me is really sad - the rest of me is really tired *g*

This could be triggering so, if LJ will let me, I'll cut it. If not, the few of you that are reading these anyway, skip it if you have abuse triggers!

Title: Flash Fiction #30
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Word Count: 1212
Characters: Ed Peltier, Shane Walsh, mentions of others
Warnings: Abuse, could be triggering.
Author’s Note: This probably makes Shane out to be more heroic than he was but I could see this happening under the right circumstances. By Godric, someone needed to do it.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters associated with The Walking Dead – I just like to take them out and play with them from time to time. This is unbeta’d and unedited – all errors are my own. If you see anything that needs correction, please let me know! Concrit is always welcome!

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Title: Flash Fiction #23
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Word Count: 1283
Characters: Rick Grimes, Lori Grimes, Shane Walsh
Warnings: This is a continuation of Flash Fiction #19. I had a “Eureka!” moment that let me continue it AND use the “First Look at Season 2” video as a tie-in. Booyah! I hope you like it cause this one took a lot out of me. Also, I broke the 1000-word limit (again) but it couldn’t be helped. There was just no way, in my opinion, to pare it down.
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don’t own Shane or Rick (or Lori) – I just like to take them out and play with them from time to time. This is unbeta’d and unedited – all errors are my own, and it’s likely that there are quite a few. If you see anything that needs correction, please let me know! Concrit is always welcome!

As the others gathered around the campfire for what passed for breakfast these days, Shane stood at the edge of the clearing, mentally steeling himself for what he was about to do. He didn’t want to do it – he just couldn’t see any other way. Someone was going to get hurt and, though he hated the thought of it, there just wasn’t any other way. Giving himself a good mental shake, Shane turned and walked toward the others.

“Rick, I need to talk to you,” he said as he approached the group. Rick looked up, somewhat taken off guard. “Okay, just give me-, “Rick began to say. Shane shook his head and said, “No, now. Right now. Right here. I have something to say and you need to hear it.”

Lori looked up, her eyes widening as she shook her head warningly at Shane. “Shane, don’t.” Shane looked at her, his eyes cold. “And why not?” Lori stood, stepping slightly in front of Rick as if to protect him from what she knew was coming. “Because this is neither the time nor the place. These people-“

Shane exploded, his voice harsh and rough. “These people? These people already know Lori! Do you think they haven’t seen? Haven’t heard? They know exactly what’s been happening, Lori, and it’s high time Rick he was told. These people aren’t stupid! And neither am I, so get out of the way.”

Rick stood, watching Lori and Shane’s exchange, growing more confused by the moment. He looked around at the others in the camp, surprised that none of them would meet his eyes. The only movement in the camp was Carol as she hastily took Carl and Sophia back to her tent. Rick looked back at Shane as he stepped up next to Lori. “Tell me what, Shane? You kicked in the door, walk through it. Tell me what?”

Shane took a deep breath, then said, “Rick, the only way I know to say it is straight up. Lori and I, we’ve been sleeping together for the past couple of months. Since we left for Atlanta.”

Rick felt as though he’d been punched in the gut. He couldn’t quite breathe, couldn’t quite make sense of what Shane was telling him. “You… and Lori?” He looked at Lori, certain that he was misunderstanding, until he saw the tears running down her face. “How could you? You… You’re supposed to be my best friend!” He walked to Shane and grabbed him by his shirt. Shane just stood there, let Rick manhandle him. “How could you?!” Rick yelled in Shane’s face.

Shane just shook his head as he said, “Rick, she kissed me, asked me to make love to her. I didn’t… I couldn’t… We were both hurting...”

Lori stepped forward, her hands out as she pleaded with Rick. “It was a mistake, Rick! Please, we… he told me you were dead. I thought you were gone.”

Rick turned his head, his eyes ice cold as he glared at Lori. “You thought I was dead? For what, a week?” He shoved Shane away from him as he turned on Lori. “How long did you wait before you started fucking my best friend?”

Lori backed away from Rick, her eyes wide. She’d never seen him so angry, so hurt. Her look was mirrored by the others in the camp. None of them had ever seen this side of Rick. Even Daryl, who couldn’t give a shit less about the Grimes’s or their domestic issues, couldn’t look away. Lori whispered, “I thought you were dead.”

Rick began to laugh, the almost hysterical laughter of a man who’d thought he was clinging to a lifeline only to discover that he’d been gripping the tail of a viper instead. Tears streamed from his eyes as he howled with laughter. The others in the camp watched the trio, unable to look away from the train wreck that was happening before their very eyes.

Shane stepped forward as he said, “Rick, we thought you were dead. If I’d known-“

His words were cut off as Rick abruptly slammed his fist into Shane’s face, bones crunching and blood spurting as Shane’s nose broke. Shane hit the ground on his back, his hands to his face and his eyes wide as Rick stood over him. Rick glared down at Shane, not bothering to try to hide the pain and anger that he was feeling. He looked up at the others, saw their almost identical expressions of awe, fear, and pity.

It was the pity that was his undoing. He backed away from Shane and fisted his hands in his hair. “I’ve gotta go. I can’t be here right now.” He turned and stumbled toward the woods, needing peace and the solace of being alone.

Lori ran after Rick, desperate for his forgiveness, for his understanding. “Rick, wait! You can’t go out there alone!” She caught his arm and turned him back to her. “Please, honey, I love you. We have to work this out.”

Rick pushed her away from him, pointing his finger in her face. “Don’t touch me, Lori. You just stay the hell away from me.” He turned on his heel and went into the woods, not caring how much noise he was making. He refused to care about the sound of Lori’s crying, or the sound of the others talking about him. He just had to get away.

Rick had been gone for hours, wandering in the woods trying to cool down. His temper still raged, his ears roaring and his pulse hammering in his veins. He couldn’t shake the mental image he had of Lori and Shane, together. Tears streamed down his face, stinging his eyes and making tracks in the dirt and soot that still stained his face. He swiped his arm across his face as he stopped to look around, get his bearings.

Through the trees, he could see movement, hear what sounded like the shambling footsteps of walkers. At least two, he thought, but he couldn’t tell for sure. He rolled his eyes and groaned as he realized he’d taken off from the camp without any of his weapons. He searched the ground around him for anything he could use as a weapon, spotting a large chunk of rock. “That’ll have to do,” he murmured to himself as he scooped up the rock and hid behind the largest tree nearby.

He waited, holding his breath, as one of the walkers came into view. He gripped the rock tighter in his hand, waiting for the walker to get close enough. As soon as the walker was within range, Rick leapt from behind the tree, striking the walker in the face with the rock. He knelt over the walker, unable to hold back the rage as he slammed the rock down again and again, crushing the walker’s skull.

Rick looked up just in time to see another walker coming toward him. He stood and threw the rock at the walker, scoring a direct hit to the walker’s face. As the walker fell back, Rick smiled. He felt better now. He knelt and picked up the rock, testing its weight in his hand. As he looked down at the prone walker, all he could see in his mind’s eye were his best friend and his wife. Hearing their voices in his head as they made excuses, pleaded with him for forgiveness, Rick clutched the rock in both hands as he knelt by the walker and raised his arms to the sky.

With all the strength he could muster, Rick brought the rock down on the walker’s head.

No forgiveness. No understanding. He was done.

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Title: Flash Fiction #19
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Word Count: 756
Characters: Shane Walsh, Lori Grimes, Rick Grimes
Warnings: None
Author’s Note/Disclaimer: I don’t own anything associated with The Walking Dead – I just like to take the characters out to play from time to time. This is unbeta’d and unedited – all errors are my own. If you see anything that needs correction, please let me know! Concrit is always welcome!

Shane waited until Rick and Glenn left on a supply run before he made his move. He watched Lori as she sent Carl off to Carol and Sophia’s tent, mentally rehearsing what he wanted to say. He still felt horrible for what had happened at the CDC. He’d never intended to get that rough with her; he never meant to hurt her or scare her. He just needed her to understand his feelings, to listen to what he had to say.

He walked slowly toward her tent, making some noise so she’d know he was approaching. “Lori? Can I please talk to you for a minute?” He kept his voice soft, nonthreatening. Lori’s back immediately stiffened and, as she turned to look at him, Shane was struck by how cold her eyes were.

“Stop right there, Shane. If you come any closer, I swear to God I’ll beat you to death with this pan.” She clutched the pan tightly with both hands, her knuckles almost white from the pressure.

“Hey, I’m not going to touch you, I swear it. I just want to talk to you, to apologize.” He raised his hands to show he meant no harm and sat down on a log a few feet away. “Please, Lori, I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I never wanted that. I never wanted to hurt you. I only want to love you, to remind you that you love me.”

“Love?” she spat, her eyes flashing with anger. “How dare you say that word to me? Shane, you attacked me!” She whirled on her heel and began to walk away. Shane stood and grabbed her arm, spinning her back around to face him.

“Lori, I’m trying to tell you I’m sorry. Please, just… just listen to me, ok? Lori, I know you love me. You would never have been with me if you didn’t. You told me that you were going to leave Rick but then he got shot. I thought that… that me, you, Carl, we could be a family. And now Rick’s back and all of a sudden you’re playing the dutiful wife, thrilled to death that you have a second chance? Lori, that makes no sense. How could you do this to me, to us?” Shane’s voice grew progressively rougher, more emotional. Tears glistened in his eyes as he searched her face for some sign that she understood, that she felt the same. “Lori, I love you. Why can’t you love me back?”

Lori wrenched her arm from Shane’s grasp, venom in her words as she said, “I have never loved you. Get that through your head now, Shane. What happened between us was a mistake. You told me my husband was dead. You lied to me. Everything that happened between us after that was a lie. Forget it and get out of my life. Stay away from me, stay away from my son, and stay far away from my husband or so help me God, I will tell him what you did. You’re nothing to me, Shane. Nothing.”

Lori stalked off to Carol’s tent, tears streaming down her face. Shane abruptly sat on the ground, fisting his hands in his hair as her words echoed through his mind. He looked up as Rick and Glenn returned to camp, their footsteps drowning out the words that had broken his heart.

“Shane, you all right, brother?” Rick said as he knelt by Shane, putting his hand on Shane’s shoulder. “You look upset. What’s happened?”

Shane shook Rick’s hand off, attempting to smile. “Nah, man, I’m ok. Just, you know, wishing things had turned out differently.”

Rick nodded and stood up, offering his hand to Shane to help him up. “Yeah, I know. I’d hoped that the CDC would be our salvation. And now here we are, back in the woods.” He sighed as he looked around the camp. “We’ll get through this, Shane. We just have to keep going, keep on fighting, keep the hope alive.”

Shane nodded, his face set in grim determination. “Keep the hope alive, damn right. Here, I’ll help you with this stuff.”

As Shane and Rick walked back to the camp, Shane determinedly kept his eyes off of Lori. For the rest of the evening, he kept mostly to himself, volunteering for an extra watch shift to give himself more time to think.

By the time the sun came up, he had figured out where things had gone wrong. He knew what he had to do to fix it.
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Title: Flash Fiction #14
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Characters: Shane Walsh, Rick Grimes, Lori Grimes, Carl Grimes, OC (Shane’s girlfriend)
Word Count: 938
Warnings: Shane has a foul mouth but, other than that, nothing.
Author’s Note/Disclaimer: I don’t own Shane, Rick, or anything else associated with The Walking Dead, much to my ever-lasting regret. I just like to take them out and play with them every now and then. This is pure imagination, except that Days Gone Bye gave me the idea about arguing about the lights being on. This is unbeta’d and unedited – if you see anything that needs correction, please let me know! Concrit is always welcome! Ooh, also, please know that I mean no disrespect whatsoever to anyone who happens to be named Bambi.

Shane Walsh pulled his Jeep into the driveway and sighed as he remoted the garage open. He’d had a bitch of a day and now he has to come home to find every damn light in the house blazing. He parked and shut the engine off, resting his head on the steering wheel for a few moments, trying to cool his temper.

Nope, ain’t happening.

He jumped out of the Jeep and slammed the door. Then he slammed the kitchen door shut. There, that helped a little bit.

Until he walked into the living room and saw what waited for him there. His entire living room had been rearranged. New furniture covers, pictures on the wall changed, damn lace doilies on the coffee table in place of his hunting magazines. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, wondering, “What circle of Hell have I slipped into now? All I wanted was a hot meal, a hot shower, and hot sex. Is that asking too fucking much?”

The person responsible for his current irritation was reclined on the couch, reading a magazine with the TV tuned to MTV and the volume cranked to ear-splitting. Shane snatched the remote off the table and clicked the TV off. She sat up and smiled, oblivious to Shane’s irritation. “Hey baby, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Yeah, I’m not surprised with that crap cranked up like that. You wouldn’t have noticed a jet taking off in here.” He threw his hat on the table and put his hands on his hips. “Did you happen to forget that the light switch flips the other way too? Every damn light in the house is on and it’s still broad daylight outside.”

She snorted and scooped her magazine up. “You sound just like my damn father. What bug crawled up your ass anyway?”

Shane fisted his hands in his hair, trying to count to ten but only making it as far as five before he exploded. “What bug? Are you fucking kidding me?” He started ticking his irritants off on his fingers. “I had some drunk asshole throw up in the squad car. I had some kid who had his license exactly five fucking minutes run all over the bank manager’s brand new Mercedes. I had another drunk asshole decide that the courthouse hallway was the perfect place to take a piss. And then I get to come home to Lincoln Power & Light’s wet dream come true and Martha goddamn Stewart’s perfect fucking living room instead of my own. That’s my fucking problem!”

She threw her magazine down on the table and got in his face. “You know perfectly well that I don’t like the dark! And I thought you would appreciate me bringing a little class to this hovel you call a house. Hunting magazines? God, Shane, that’s beyond redneck! I thought when you gave me a key, that meant that you wanted me to be here when you came home. I thought that meant you would be asking me to move in soon. I can’t live in a place that looks like this did! I have standards you know?”

“What the hell, woman? You seriously thought I was going to ask you to move in? Have you lost your fucking mind?”

She narrowed her eyes and poked her finger in Shane’s chest. “You know what, Shane? I don’t need your shit. There are plenty of men out there who’d be happy to have me!” With that, she stormed out the door, slamming it shut on the way out.

“Good! And you can take your goddamn doily with you!” He stalked to the door, jerked it open, and threw the doily out after her. She flipped him a bird before jamming her Camaro in gear and peeling out of his driveway, narrowly missing his mailbox. Shane sighed and leaned against the door jamb. Now he had a headache and a growly stomach to add to his list of complaints. He went back inside, grabbing his keys and hat off the coffee table on his way through to the garage. “Fuck this,” he thought. “It’s dinner time at Rick’s place. At least they’ll be happy to see me.”

A few minutes later, Shane was standing on the Grimes’s doorstep, grinning through the screen door. Rick sat at the table, helping Carl with his homework, while Lori bustled around the kitchen, cooking dinner. He tapped on the door and went on inside. “Hey,” he said, “got room for one more?”

Carl grinned up at him while Rick said, “Hey brother, of course we do! But I thought you had a hot night planned with … what’s her name again?” Shane blushed a little as he replied, “Bambi.”

“'With an i',” Lori mocked. “Jesus wept, Shane, when are you going to stop fooling around with these little teenyboppers and find yourself a good woman to settle down with? Honey, help me would you? Set the table and make sure Carl scrubs his hands, ok?”

Rick stood up to do as he was asked, scooping Carl up and playfully kissing Lori on the neck as they passed by on their way to the bathroom. Lori laughed and swatted Rick on the butt before he could get out of range. It was so normal, so happy and homey in the Grimes house.

Shane grinned and said, “Someday, I suppose. For now, when I need domestic bliss, I just come to your house.” He kissed Lori on the cheek and followed Rick and Carl, his bad mood fading away a little more with each step he took.


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